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1000+ points rally is about to come… but not soon..

Posted in from CLUB, Puzzles by ilmusaham on March 16, 2008

From: Elaine
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 00:27:10 +0700

Credit crunch, weak dollar, carrytrade unwind, commodity bubble, recession, Structural damage, Election Syndrome, oil surges, Outflows, Redemption, “tanda alam”, … etc etc..

Conclusion: Super bearish.
Yes, we’re all aware of that, thank you. BUT… someone here asked me about the bull, well I have this..

This year (obviously NOT this month) you’ll see a slow yet unstoppable 1000+ points rally that could last for months. Please print this email and stick it on the wall. I can guarantee you IF you can sucessfully pick ANY bluechips at the bottom, at the end of this year you can get a filthy 50% gain to say the least, 100% if you’re good. Up to 400% if you’re that lucky.
Fair enough? 🙂
Now, the big question is “where is the bottom at?”, I’ll give that to you to think my dear friends..
Give me your best analysis on this, which is the best possible TRIGGER? Is it:
1. Strong US dollar, rejecting the “rate cut = weak dollar” myth
2. Money flow from commodity markets e.g. Gold/Oil crash
3. After the Judgement Day (you know what this is, the war to end all war, make a guess..)
You can use technical, fundamental, whatever you like, just give me some feedback. Maybe I can then contribute something useful so you can love me more (lol forgive me for being bitchy..)

To elaine haters=Now I’m challenging you to have your words instead of whining like an old Don’t be so intimidated by women, we’re good on this,… right Mimi?

I’m aware that some of the members here always think I was a man, because they think women can’t do better than men and it sucks for men to get beaten up by women. lol.. Mind my manners, this’ just business.

Don’t underestimate women, we’re far better on handling resources like wealth, information and, of course, men. So take your time, make some analysis, while I prepare the remaining ICBMs..

Don’t worry too much about my 2000 target (as just confirmed by Oentoeng, he’s good). It’s just an entry point. You’ll love it like I do.



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